Last May, FCA US LLC and Waymo expanded on their fleet of 62,000 Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivans for a self-driving car service. While many people think that these vehicles are a thing of the future, there are features that are actually considered self-driving technology. To help you understand these innovative features, the auto experts at Monroe Superstore break it down for you.

Lane-Keeping Assist

Lane-keeping assist works proactively to keep your car not only in the lane you’re driving, but also in the center. If you ever guide your car out of a detected lane without signaling your intention to exit it, the lane-keeping system will warn you with an alert. If you don’t respond, it will gently tug your wheel and guide your car back into the center of the lane. Though the steering creates a slight tug, you can effortlessly hold your course if you desire, as the system will not take the control away from you.

Automatic Parallel Parking

If you live in the city, parallel parking can be a hassle. This is why the automatic parallel parking feature available in many 2019 models is brilliant. The self-parking system automatically identifies an appropriate parallel parking spot and steers the car seamlessly into the spot for you. Once you engage this system and switch your car into reverse, it turns the wheel while you control the accelerator and brakes, making parallel parking a breeze.

Automatic Braking System

Generally made to activate at fast, highway speeds, this safety technology automatically engages your car’s brake system to avoid a potential crash if you fail to do so.

You have a lot riding on your four wheels. These new technologies make it easier than ever to protect the ones you love while on the road. Contact our Dodge dealers serving Toledo, OH to learn more!