From our Service Team experts to you: Winter tire facts to help keep you safe on Monroe roads.

Winter driving can be tricky at times in Michigan with the ice and snow-covered roads that are a part of the cold months, and many drivers wonder if winter tires are the way to go. Drivers are looking to make driving on winter roads as safe as possible, and they may think that winter tires will give them the safety and stability they want. While we at Monroe Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Superstore can tell you that an all-wheel drive vehicle will give you the most control in winter weather situations, we invite you to discuss your tire concerns with our expert staff at the Service Center. In the meantime, check out the following myths and facts about winter tires below.

Winter Tire Myths and Facts

Myth: Winter tires are great in all winter conditions. While it would be wonderful to have a tire that performs well in cold, snowy, and icy conditions equally well, no such tire has been invented yet. Winter tires do not perform equally well in all winter weather conditions.

Fact: Winter tires perform well on snow-packed roads. Winter tires do perform better than all-season tires when the white stuff starts to accumulate on the roadways. Winter tires have a special tread called “siping” that allows it to grip into the snow much more effectively than all-season tires, Also, winter tires are made of a softer rubber compound that is better suited for snowy conditions.

Fact: Winter tires will still slide on ice. Winter tires may have a slight edge over all-season tires when it comes to icy roads because the harder rubber compound of all-season tires can harden in cold temperatures, but winter tires are not magic. They can still slide on icy roads. The best way to deal with ice on the road is by driving slowly.

Fact: Winter tires don’t fare well in warm or wet weather. The softer materials that winter tires are made of make them ill-adapted for warm or wet weather. Abnormally warm winter days and rainfall are possible all winter long in Monroe, Michigan, and such weather could mean poorer handling, greater tire wear, and an increased chance of hydroplaning when winter tires are on your vehicle.

Myth: Winter tires save you money. It is true that winter tires save you wear and tear on your all-weather tires, but there are other expenses with winter tires. You may be asking if it’s a worthy investment. The best advice we can give is to weigh your pros and cons with the help of our service team to make an informed tire purchase.

Fact: Winter tires are really only practical for those parts of the country that receive an excessive amount of snow. Monroe doesn’t typically get the snow that other parts of the country get, so they may be an impractical purchase for local drivers.

Everyone wants to stay safe while on the road during the winter months! Contact us today or come on in to our showroom to hear about the drivability and safety ratings of our vehicles or give us a call at 888-557-8380.