Don’t leave on your road trip before you read these tips.

Have you recently purchased or adopted a pet? Are you worried about taking them on a road trip? We here at Monroe Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Superstore have the perfect checklist for you.


  1. Choose the right vehicle. Choose your vehicle based on the size of your pet. Smaller animals will be fine in a smaller, hatchback vehicle while bigger animals will require a bigger, SUV-type vehicle. Our new Dodge Durangos are great with folding third-row seats, and our new Dodge Journeys are great if you need something more low to the ground. Whatever size you choose, keep in mind that vehicles with tie down areas in the cargo area make it easy to safely secure a crate. Avoid cloth seats as they are more likely to stain if an accident occurs. Check out our website for the kind of vehicle that’s just right for you.
  2. Bring all necessary items. Make a check list of items such as medications, litter box, medical records, photo in case of an emergency, cleaning supplies for any accidents along the way, treats for great behavior, and food. A spill proof water bowl might also be a worthy investment.
  3. Make a plan. Make a road map with planned stops every couple of hours. When you do stop, a helpful hint would be to put the leash on before opening the door as chasing your pet around an unknown location does not make for a happy trip. Also, look into buying a “new toy” for travel to keep you pet occupied for a little while, and most importantly exercise prior to leaving for the trip as a tired pet will be less anxious.


The Perfect Car Makes All the Difference for a Successful Pet Road Trip

We want to help you have the best road trip ever. Come on in today and let one of our Five Star Team members show you our amazing deals here at the Monroe Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Superstore. If you have any questions, feel free to call our professional and knowledgeable sales and service team at 888-997-5318.