Monroe, MI drivers who are weekend warriors are not deterred by wintery winds and unforgiving weather. But the trails Jeep® enthusiasts travel do become harder to navigate, with potholes covered by snow and roadways coated in ice. If you plan on taking your ride out on an off-road winter wonderland adventure, here are four essentials you’ll need to stay safe from the experts at Monroe Superstore.

  1. CB Radio

Cell service can be limited when you get deep off the beaten path, resulting in you not able to make a call or send a text should anything happen. We suggest keeping a 2-Way CD Radio in your vehicle at all times. This device will enable you to contact life off the trail and hear alerts from other drivers.

  1. First Aid Kit

Every Jeep Wrangler off-roading driver should keep a well-stocked first aid kit on board. You should also have plenty of blankets, a kit of tools, jumper cables, water, a compass, and flares in your vehicle in case you get stranded.

  1. Jeep Recovery Gear

Never be left in the dark. Stock your Jeep with a flashlight as well as recovery straps in case you need to pull yourself out if you get stuck. When purchasing straps, be sure to consider the full weight of your vehicle.

  1. Food

Let’s face it – we all get hungry. Keep items in your Jeep that have a long shelf life and high nutritional value, such as power bars and peanut butter.

While it’s fun to go out on trails, it’s best to always be prepared. Consider bringing these four items next time you go on your winter weekend trail getaway.