At Monroe Superstore, Sarah Kampfer’s goal is to help you receive the best car repair service in Monroe. Period.

For almost the last three years at Monroe Superstore Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram when you take your car in for any maintenance or repairs, you will be greeted by Sarah Kampfer’s smiling face.

“I greet every customer who comes in,” the company’s service advisor says.  “I am the liaison between the customers and the technician and I get to help everyone.”

But that’s not where the extent of her Five Star customer service ends. “It starts with writing up the customer’s vehicle,” she says. When things get busy– and they often do– Sarah shines with the ability to make every customer feel like they are getting only the best vehicle service in Monroe . . . “I know the great things I do,” she says. “I learn something new every day.”


Delivering Great Car Repair Service Means Always Learning

She also learns about the cars and the company, works with customers, schedules appointments, checks insurance and warranties, and performs dozens of other tasks. “Everyone is important to us. We’re not here without them,” she says. “We treat them with 100 percent care and consideration of their time and their needs.”

Sarah’s philosophy for delivering great customer service and always learning is one that stems not just from her personality, but one that she was trained to deliver as part of the Five Star team here at Monroe.

“The management team challenges all of us here to be our best, and everyone treats me like family. I can talk to my manager about anything personal or work-related and he’s with me all the way.” It’s this sense of comradery from her fellow colleagues, supervisors, and staff that motivates her, even during the busiest of times in the Service Department.  Sarah makes sure that the same standard of excellence is maintained for every customer on every visit.

When it comes to FCA’s line-up of vehicles at Monroe Superstore, Sarah believes in the brand as much as the people.  She is a fan of all the makes and models, but she recently bought a car knowing she needed something reliable and not too terribly expensive. “I bought a used Chrysler 200 in January. I recently gave birth to my daughter and I had a vehicle that was not reliable,” she says. “I got a great deal that was affordable for me, and I really enjoy the safety features of my Chrysler 200.”

Sarah enjoys her role here at Monroe Superstore, and the Five Star team has your best interests at heart. When you get a chance, come down and see us, the Low Payment Kings, or call 888-646-6811 to schedule your service appointment to get the best car repair service in Monroe!