The Monroe Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Superstore is not just about the mechanics of things, but also about how each car is unique to its owner.  Things like paint color, bumper stickers, and, yes, even bobbleheads display the driver’s passions and pursuits.
Did you know that bobbleheads originated from Hawaii?  According to Retro Planet “The Hula Girl Nodder,” or Dashboard Doll, was created in the 1950s. The influx of American soldiers into Hawaii during World War II, along with the visiting tourists after the war, helped make this doll one of the most popular souvenirs of all time.


How the Dashboard Doll (or Bobblehead) Got its Start

The Dancing Hula Girl/Dashboard Doll became so popular that factories in Japan capitalized on the craze and began producing them in bulk. The dashboard doll was made of plastic and had springs in her legs so that she could wiggle her hips as the car moved. She was made in different versions and sizes. The ukulele pose, and hands-in-the-hair pose were the most common. The original Hula Dashboard Doll had a hole in the bottom where a magnet could be inserted so that the doll could be attached to the metal dashboards of classic cars of the era. The Dancing Hula Girl Doll is still a popular dashboard accessory for cars today.

Although, in new vehicles like the All-American Dodge Challenger, she is attached with double sided tape instead of a magnet. She still wiggles her hips (or holds her ukulele) and will always bring a smile to the faces of those who see her.


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