It won’t be long until the weather gets chilly, and before you know it, the harsh Michigan winter will be in full swing. Autumn is the perfect time to give your vehicle a little TLC.

Check Your Tires and Brakes

Whether you’re driving a new Jeep Cherokee or have been behind the wheel of a Dodge car for a couple years now, it’s important to get your brakes and tires professionally inspected. Inclement weather requires great stopping power. If your tires have wear bars showing, it’s time to replace them. As for your brakes, the expert technicians at our City of Monroe, MI dealership have got you covered.

Replace Your Wipers

The sole purpose of your windshield wipers is to keep things clear. Worn or cracked blades won’t get the job done, especially under the weight of snow. Check the wiper’s blades to ensure it is flexible and operate them to see if they are clearing the glass efficiently.

Check Your Battery

You don’t want to be left out in the cold if your battery won’t start. Come by our service department to have your battery and charging system inspected. If you check it yourself and see signs of corrosion on the battery terminals or if you spot a loose connection, you’ll need to get your battery replaced sooner rather than later.

Check Fluid Levels

This includes transmission fluid, brake, power, steering, and washer fluids. Ensure they are all at or above minimum safely levels, and if not, come by our Chrysler dealership near Toledo, OH for a top-off.

Showing your car some love during the fall is essential. Visit us at Monroe Superstore today and allow our seasoned technicians inspect your car to get it ready for the winter.