If you’re looking to go into law enforcement, Monroe Superstore supports a program that can help you on your way.

For people who want to go into law enforcement and don’t have the money to pay for it, there is a program that can help. That program, which we at Monroe Superstore Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM are passionate about supporting, is Heart of the Badge.

Here in Monroe, Michigan, the town started the program in October 2017 with the help of local businesses, raising money to create a scholarship fund to help encourage others pursue law enforcement careers. The campaign was spearheaded by Ralph Mahalak Jr., our very own Low Payment King. A page on Facebook outlines what is behind the Heart of the Badge program.

“When someone comes in for a job interview and looks great on paper, and does a great interview but can’t come up with the funds (for the required education), he will drop out of the academy,” one member of the police department in Monroe said. He said that now, there are individuals who take on “the burdens of paying for the tuition,” and it makes the community safer.


Helping Capable Candidates Go into Law Enforcement

In May 2018, Seth Gonyea was sworn as an officer for the City of Monroe’s Police Department, being the first graduate from this program. Gonyea was working for the city for five years as a police cadet before becoming parking enforcement officer.

Gonyea had full tuition and supplies paid for to attend the police academy and graduated from the Wayne County Regional Police Academy last month.

“Seth has mentioned on multiple occasions that working for us would be his dream and continues to express his commitment to the Monroe community,” a press release from the police chief said.

In the town, area businesses put an emblem in the window to show support of the Heart of the Badge effort.

Eligible Monroe County students who are in the criminal justice program at Monroe County Community College can apply for the scholarship. It covers almost all the costs at the Wayne County Regional Police Training Academy in Livonia. Up to two scholarships per year are expected to be awarded.

Other organizations or local businesses who want to help can find a donation link at the Monroe County Community Foundation.

Our team here at Monroe Superstore is committed to helping foster a safe community and encouraging others to support our local law enforcement.  We’re excited to give back to our community in this way, and we hope you will share this information with anyone who is interested in going into law enforcement.

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