June being National Safety Month, Monroe Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Superstore wants people to be aware of what they can do when working in the outdoors to keep safe.  Being a RAM Certified Ag Dealer, we care about our farmers!

Working on a farm is hard and physical work. Unfortunately, accidents happen and people will get hurt. However, there are certain safety measures and preventative measures you can take to avoid accidents and injuries. If you’re constantly out in the field, or know someone who is, be sure to follow a few of these simple tips and stay safe.

If you’re working in or around buildings, regularly check the building for fire hazards and other materials that could cause slip or fall hazards. All chemicals should be stored securely and out of reach from children and animals. Keep all tools and equipment in its proper areas, tripping over sharp or awkward objects and tools is an easy way to cut yourself or break a bone. Keep gasoline products properly stored as well.

Make sure your clothes match the job you are doing. Use safety equipment, such as gloves, hearing protection, and face masks. Working outside all day during the summer heat means you need to stay hydrated and cover/protect exposed skin.

If you’re using tractors and other heavy machinery, don’t let passengers ride on hitches, attachments, or trailers. This is an easy way for an accident to happen. Make sure the tractor is in park before you get off.  Lastly, make sure all power equipment is regularly inspected and never leave power equipment running unattended.

If you are spending long hours in the field or on the farm, and are looking for the perfect vehicle that will work just as hard as you do, visit Monroe Superstore and check out our extensive collection of trucks and work vehicles. You will find hundreds of trucks and various body types that will fit your need and help make your ag-days more productive and efficient.