Here at your City of Monroe, MI Jeep®, RAM, Dodge, and Chrysler dealership, we know Michigan winters can be tough. In fact, we’ve already had plenty of icy weather this season, with more months of winter ahead of us. And there’s not much that’s worse on a freezing winter morning than trying to start your car and realizing the battery is dead. So now seems like a perfect time to talk battery maintenance – ways you can keep your battery in good shape this winter, and help prevent unpleasant surprises.

The first step of course is to test your battery, and make sure the open-cell voltage shows a fully charged battery. If the voltage is low, it may take a little investigating to figure out the problem. Luckily, our RAM, Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge service center can help.

Our expert technicians can not only check the voltage for you, but look into some of the most common reasons it might not be holding its charge, and help you decide if a repair or replacement is needed. Another common cause of what batteries not functioning right is clamps, cables, and connections. Battery clamps can often get messy, especially since sulfuric acid tends to collect in the area. A good cleaning can often improve battery performance, but be careful! It’s easy to damage the battery during this process, so be sure to check with our service technicians about this one as well.

A little bit of preventative maintenance on your battery can go a long way to a more pleasant winter. A visit to our service center can make sure your battery performance is up to par on everything from a Jeep SUV to a Chrysler 300. Toledo, OH, Dundee, MI, and other area drivers can bring their cars in for a check-up on the battery and more right here at Monroe Superstore.