How do you know which cars are most desired by real drivers? Well, if you’re, the popular research and car-buying website, you analyze a variety of data on overall sales, shopper consideration, selling speed, and demand to real car buyers to compile the 2018 Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted Awards. It may not surprise you to learn that the 2018 Chrysler 300 made an appearance on the list. Find out what makes this vehicle so popular with drivers like you. 

This year, the Most Wanted Large Car on the Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted Awards list is the Chrysler 300, which is also one of the 17 most wanted cars according to Whether it’s an older used model or the brand-new 2018 Chrysler 300, buyers are loving this spacious sedan. Edmunds staff attributed the win to the bold and distinctive look of the Chrysler 300 and the originality of the model. Standout features include the powerful optional V8 engine, the quiet and gentle ride, and style and luxury details that don’t sacrifice comfort. There’s more to love than ever in the 2018 model. From the available all-wheel-drive system, the most advanced in its segment, to the innovative technology included in the Uconnect® 4 infotainment system, the 2018 Chrysler 300 has taken an already beloved Chrysler car to a whole new level.

If you weren’t one of the people helping Edmunds realize how in-demand the Chrysler 300 is, now is the time to take your cue from drivers who have already fallen for the model. Visit our Monroe, MI, Chrysler dealership today to test-drive a new or used Chrysler 300, and see what all those users were interested in. End the year with one of the most-wanted vehicles on the market here at Monroe Superstore.