When you think of a Jeep® SUV, whether it’s a used Jeep Wrangler or a new Jeep Grand Cherokee, there are probably a few things that spring to mind – capability, toughness, and adventure. While Jeep models are certainly all those things, they are also a lot more, like great family vehicles.

Between the spaciousness and versatility, many Jeep SUVs are natural fits for family. And when it comes to the most important factor—safety—Jeep automakers have drivers covered there as well. In fact, the 2017 Jeep Compass was just named a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS.)

A Top Safety Pick rating from IIHS doesn’t come easily. For example, the all-new Jeep Compass went through a series of tests simulating situations like a side impact collision with a large vehicle, a roof deformation due to rolling over, a rear collision of the type that can produce whiplash, and more. In order to attain the coveted Top Safety Pick designation, the Jeep SUV had to score a “good” rating on all five tests. Not only did the model pass with flying colors, but it earned the highest possible ratings for its collision warning technology as well as its crashworthiness.

How does this capable SUV achieve all that? First, there’s the fact that 65 percent of the body is made up of high-strength steel that increases the crashworthiness rating. Then there’s the safety and security features – over 70 are available. And of course, the Full-speed Forward Collision Warning-Plus, an automatic emergency braking system, got a top rating from IIHS.

If you want a compact and efficient SUV that will keep your family safe on the road and still give you that Jeep brand sense of adventure, the Jeep Compass is a perfect choice. Come for the IIHS Top Safety Pick rating and stay for the great drive experience when you take this SUV out for a spin at your local Jeep dealership near Dundee, MI.