Here at your local Dodge dealership near Toledo, OH, we know the Dodge Charger is a pretty special car. With the style and flair of a classic muscle car, the space and practicality of a day-to-day vehicle, and the power of a sports car, it’s a truly versatile model that has something for everyone. Even, as it turns out, California’s highway patrol officers. Last month, FCA US announced that the California Highway Patrol would be purchasing over 580 Dodge Charger Pursuit police sedans for their fleet. These new Dodge Charger models, tailor made for police work, will replace some of the older vehicles in the highway patrol fleet over the next two years.

This decision was not made lightly. The order for the new vehicles was not placed until after a competitive bid process, where the California Department of General Services assessed not only the price of the vehicles, but their performance, payload capacity, and ability to help California Highway Patrol officers do their jobs. But of course, the Dodge Charger was up to the challenge, meeting every requirement and proving to be ideal for working with the highway patrol’s radio systems. Not only that, but it offers a fuel efficiency that will greatly benefit the state over the years.

Here in Monroe, MI, we’re a long way from the highways of sunny California. But we can still understand why the California Highway Patrol chose the Dodge Charger to update their fleet. You’ll find it easy to understand too when you visit Monroe Superstore and talk to an expert Dodge dealer. Toledo, OH, and Dundee and Monroe, MI drivers will find a quick test drive in the 2016 Dodge Charger will be all they need to not only appreciate the California Highway Patrol’s decision, but to fall love with this remarkable model themselves.