If there’s anyone who appreciates a beautiful ride in a convertible, it’s the members of the Southern Automotive Media Association (SAMA). The Miami-based organization recently celebrated convertibles and convertible-like vehicles at their annual “Topless in Miami” competition. Over 40 car journalists came together to give their expert opinion on the best “al fresco” drive experiences and tested competing vehicles by enjoying a scenic drive in Key Biscayne.

Most drivers might think a minivan is as far from a convertible as you can get, but that’s only because they’ve never had a chance to drive the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. This year, the all-new Chrysler minivan was entered into the new “Affordable Panoramic” category of the Topless in Miami competition. This category celebrates vehicles that, while not actually convertibles, provide a convertible-like drive experience. The panoramic sunroof of the minivan caught the attention of the judges, who lauded the “thoughtful design and beautiful craftsmanship,” and raved about the way the sunroof “amplified the vehicle’s spaciousness, allowing every passenger to experience the pleasure of being more connected to the outside world.” The judges were so impressed that the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica topped the Affordable Panoramic category in this year’s competition.

There are plenty of reasons to love the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica, from the practicality it offers as a family vehicle to the luxurious touches familiar to fans of the 2016 Chrysler 200 or 2016 Chrysler 300. And as it turns out, drivers and passengers in the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica can also enjoy stunning views and the feel of driving in a convertible that will make even the most mundane errands seem exciting. To find out what other surprises this all-new minivan has hidden away, visit us today at your local Chrysler dealership. Toledo, OH, and Dundee, MI families can find a friendly staff, expert advice, and the much-awarded 2017 Chrysler Pacifica right here at Monroe Superstore.