It’s easy to see the value in a new car. No wear and tear, all the latest technology and innovations, and of course, that new car smell. But it’s not just new Dodge vehicles that are a great value for buyers – pre-owned Dodge vehicles have a lot to offer besides just a lower price. Proving this point, the Dodge Challenger just received the 2016 TrueCar Pre-Owned Value Award. This award honors vehicles sold in 2016 that were part of the 2014 model year, and presents awards the models they expect to hold the highest value for the next three years. That may sound complicated, but really it’s as simple as honoring the pre-owned vehicles most likely to stay valuable over the next few years. In other words, the 2014 Dodge Challenger is a perfect choice for drivers who want a great pre-owned car now, and want the option of re-selling it down the line.

The TrueCar Pre-Owned Value Awards are determined based on in-depth study of performance, forecasted value, competitiveness of the product, and more for used cars across the market. Given that the Dodge Challenger had its seventh year in a row of record sales in 2015, it’s no wonder that the used versions are retaining their value. With a timeless muscle car feel in addition to the best in current technology and innovation, the Dodge Challenger is the perfect choice for drivers who want a sense of the classic without all the maintenance of an older car. If you’re ready to get a great value, come visit us today at your local Dodge dealership. Dundee and Toledo drivers can check out a new or used Dodge Challenger, or any of our other amazing Dodge models, here at Monroe Superstore.