A couple weeks ago, we talked about the Kelley Blue Book 5-Year Cost to Own Awards, which honored Jeep® and Dodge models for their long-term value. But it turns out that Kelley Blue Book isn’t the only respected vehicle valuing source to find that Dodge and Jeep models boast great long term potential. Canadian Black Book, a trusted source in Canada for over 50 years, recently announced their “Best Retained Value Awards.” These awards differ a little from the KBB.com awards, because they were given out to 2012 models based on actual retained value, rather the awards from KBB.com which are based on projected cost-to-own. But both awards recognize that a truly valuable vehicle will help drivers come out ahead in the long run, not just on the day of purchase. And both sources found that drivers have a lot to look forward to with Dodge and Jeep models.

This year, FCA Canada was the only domestic manufacturer to win three of Canadian Black Book’s Best Retained Value Awards, and it is the only manufacturer that has had two or more vehicles win awards for the last six years. This year’s honorees included the Dodge Charger, which beat out competitors in the Full-Size Car category, and Dodge Challenger, which topped the Sports Car segment for the fifth year. And the Jeep Wrangler, also a winner of one of KBB.com’s 5-Year Cost to Own awards, won in the Compact SUV category for the sixth year. That gives the Jeep Wrangler the highest retained value of any model since the awards began. And when you combine the Canadian Black Book award for best actual retained value with KBB.com’s award based on projected cost-to-own, we think it’s safe to say your Jeep Wrangler is going to be a worthwhile investment!

Here at your local Jeep and Dodge dealership, we’re thrilled to see our vehicles honored for their long term potential as well as their immediate advantages. So if you’re looking for a new car, think big. Whether it’s the much lauded Jeep Wrangler or the practical yet sporty Dodge Charger, Toledo and Dundee drivers can find a perfect vehicle for the long haul here at Monroe Superstore.